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US issues advisory to citizens in RP

The US government has issued a warning for its citizens in the Philippines
to stay home after a spate of explosions killed at least 14 people in Metro
Manila last Dec. 30.

Following the bombings, the US Embassy in Manila encouraged all Americans
to remain at their residences "unless it is absolutely necessary to do

The embassy also recommended that US citizens in the Philippines review
their personal security, according to a US State Department statement
released a day after the blasts.

While no American citizens were reported among the casualties and no US
government facility was damaged, the embassy asked all US citizens to
remain vigilant in their personal surroundings and to be alert when in a
public setting.

"If you see a suspicious object or package, do not disturb it. Immediately
notify an appropriate official, such as a police officer or a building
guard, and depart the premises," the advisory read.

The advisory is effective until March 31.

Last Sept. 1, the US government issued a travel advisory discouraging its
citizens from going to areas in the southern part of the Philippines at the
height of the Abu Sayyaf hostage crisis. - Aurea Calica


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