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US Won’t Intervene says US Embassy Official

US Embassy press attache Tom Skipper said yesterday the US government 
would not intervene in the political turmoil 

"Our position still stands. We still believe this is a domestic issue," 
he said. 

Former president Fidel Ramos urged yesterday soldiers and policemen to 
"unite behind the people" and join the so-called People Power II. 

"We will get the momentum because the intensity of the hate of the people 
is the same as the 1986 EDSA People Power I," he told reporters. 

"We are again fighting a leader who committed the same crimes 
that the late President Marcos committed, 
such as corruption, cronyism and fraud.

-Jose Rodel Clapano, Christina Mendez, and Efren Danao



Bongbong Marcos: 
This time it won’t succeed 

by :Teddy Molina 1/18/01


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