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    If you're a repeated viewer & visitor then maybe you may want to skip the pages
    you already seen several times and just want to see what is new. Then this should be
    the first place you'll want to go in first from now on.


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_ Four (4) New photo pages have been added to Pops Photo Album. That makes 20 pages of pics.
   Check out the new Magazine covers contributed by good fan
Alma dela Cruz. Thanks Alma
   new photo pages are: p.15 - p.16 - p.17 - p.18 - p.19 - p.20

_ In the hidden Regine Preview Page I added a couple of different Regine shots. I just
   plan to move most of the pictures we have of her now between this site & our other Regine
Preview Page
. Also fixed up the hidden Kuh Ledesma Gallery. If you also like Kuh then
   please sign in her guestbook. It's funny that her guestbook is still working while Pops
   guestbook is still down. I just might use that one instead. Hmmm...

_ 23 Sept, a temporary Pops Fernandez Guestbook was made!  It was combined with Kuh Ledesma.

_7 October, added a new guestbook for Pops. And a article/review by Yushy's pal-Calypso!

_15 Oct, the new Pops magazine cover surprisingly makes it to my desk in one piece.

_18-31 Oct, will be posting Holloween gif's and themes thru-out the site to get the holiday mood.

_25 Oct, In the Regine area of this web site we added a special feature called "A REGINE HOLLOWEEN". Now that's what I called a pretty cool    picture. Only Regine would do something like that. And that's why we love her too. From a safe distance. hehe...

_ 27 Oct, new addition to the Pops Article area. Called "Pops Quick Notes".

_ 28 Oct, new article is up in the  Pops Article area.  Added 2 new hidden icons of/to Pops 'Thoughts' around the site. New pics are pouring in. Looks like over time and free pizza tomorrow night. Check the Pops Bulletin Board. Should be updated by 'J' sometime today.

_30 Oct, Article number 5 has been posted. Sorry, no pictures today. Mommy still reading the magazines and you know how that goes.

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The New Album: "MOMENTS"

4 Nov -Pops new album 'Moments' is out! And we took the last two copies. A review will be made
after the other musicdudes listen to it. Stay tuned. But the packaging looked really good. It
was marked as "deluxe". Whatever that means. The price was p140.00

7 Nov  -Opened the PICTURE BIN. Alot of work to be done there. But you'll see new pictures at least. And BIG ones too.

mag_cove (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (4530 bytes)  Full size in the picture bin.  showbiz_ (resized) (Copy 4).jpg (5575 bytes)

Regarding Pops album- I can't give it my professional opinion. I'm use to reviewing artists like Regine or the mona lisa. But I can give one as a fan. And it's definitely, absolutely, possitively her best effort yet. This should easily be her best selling album too. If you get caught up comparing the songs to the original then you got yourself in a hole with it. But I have no such problem. I give it two thumbs up. It's what the fans want to hear from her. But the two best songs (voice-wise) is the two tagalog songs. "PAANO" & 'Bakit Ngayan Ka lang'. 

A list of the songs:   click_meh (resized).bmp (2518 bytes)

Hey, she sings 'FALLIN'. Regine does too in her upcoming album. They should have made it a duet then.

POPS ALBUM IS ALREADY NUMBER 3! Check the MusicCharts out.

8NOV -Added new pics to VIKTORIA's Page.

new.gif (1507 bytes)" Pops Thoughts " ( Good going Angie! )


Inside sleeve of latest music casette.

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Oh, bery nice. Looks like a passport.


13 NOV -An entire area just for the pictures of Pops new movie!! As well as
new Pop's mag cover. The movie poster. Several movie scenes. All in the new
picture bin. Also added two new pictures in page 9 of the regular pages.

linlang_ (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (9919 bytes) The Movie Poster


The latest mag cover:

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Looking good.


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15 Nov -The latest Philippines Music Charts for 13 Nov-Saturday was posted.
And Pops album moves up another notch to number 2!! Thanks Bong.

It'll be a happy day next week if it hits number one!!


18 Nov -new article posted in the articles section. Dated 17 Nov.

Pops Bulletin board is always updated separately from this site!

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Pops and Dolly (wood) and some dude.
No, that's not MusicMan J. Does kind of looks like him.


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Check out the new pictures of her CD in the picture bin!


m_m_30no (resized) (Copy 1).jpg (6007 bytes)    new covers of Pops!  

In the Picture Bin! 25 Nov-

5 Dec- New notes in the Pops Quick Notes section of the Picture Bin.

9 Dec -Pops Mailing List area was made. newanima.gif (2685 bytes)

12 Dec -Pops album turned gold! Congrats Pops!! Pops Birthday Card in the Bulletin Board.

19 Dec -received a copy of an old cover of Pops and uh, Marty. Posted in page 20.

20 Dec -Opened a new fan page called Alma's Pops Page in the Picture Bin.
And posted a few of her nicely enhanced Pops pictures around the bin.

22Dec -new animation to the mailing list section.

Music midi's added to these sections:
Page 18-A manilow midi.
Page 19-'The Old Songs'
Page 20-'Somewhere Down The Road'
Bulletin Board-X'mas midi

27 Dec -A new Kuh Lesedma cover in the Kuh Gallery. Page 10

Site was updated all around. Transferred pics from Bin to pages 14, 15, 16. Music added to articles area.

28 Dec -We are busy,busy transferring all our files to CD disks in preparation for Y2K. In case our server or web host or this PC dies and loses all our web material. So most probably there won't be any new information being posted on our Pops sites till the 1st week of Jan 2000. So I'll be spending alot of time learning my new web programs I got from Santa J. Lots of neat special effects are coming into our sites next year!

12 Feb 2000  -Updating site.

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Some magazine covers were added to the regular pages. Stay tune...


arr.gif (761 bytes) Pops Bulletin Board is updated separately from this area.

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Pops Table Of Contents


Hey fans! Check out MusicMan's

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