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Taken from Candy Magazine :

Birthday: December 5, 1974

Zodiac sign: I don't believe in zodiac signs

Status: Definitely single!!!

Family member you are closest to: I am equally close to each immediate member of my family although lately I have been communicating most with my brother Paul because he's coming to visit and stay with me for a couple of months when school break comes.

Your special nickname for your best friend in the world: Taba, Shamoo, and Moo.

Three adjectives to describe yoruself: Why only three? I'm cariñoso, friendly, sensitive (to other people) and God-fearing but I can also be meticulous (especially with cleanliness), lazy, fickle-minded, a procrastinator and stuboorn…Gee, there's more bad traits than good so I'll throw in goody as a goood thing. Hehehe!

What do you think is your best talent?: If I said singing, everyone would know I was lying so I guess it's ….entertaining people!!!

Your biggest crush: Aside from the Karate Kid Ralph Macchio, my biggest crush was a 7th grade classmate of mine named Mike Camarasana. Boy was he cuuuuute!!!

What's your courting style?/How do you like to be courted?: I like a man who is well-rounded, meaning not too confident in himself but secure with his inner being and has determination in life. He should have a pretty good sense of humor and is adventurous enough to try bungee jumping, scuba diving, water skiing, or even walkinginto a large water fountain at a public square on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I especially want him to make me feel extraordinarily different from other women and that he'll do almost anything for me.

What turns you off?: When a guy tries to act like something that he is not.

Best way to get your attention: Surprise me!!!

Sweetest gift you've ever received: My father gave me this small pearl pendant necklace for Christmas once when I was about 14 and the funny thing was that when I first looked at it, I thought it was so ugly until I saw how excited he was to see the look on my face. At that exact moment, I relaized that this was the most sincere and sweetest gift that anyone has ever given me. Nobody has been able to top that one. That pendant and my blankee are the two things that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

If you were a song, what would be your title?: (with God) All things are possible

The real meaning of love is: I believe that there are many different types of love and reasons why people feel that they love someone. But through my own experiences in life and self-evaluation, I have come to the conclucions that circumstances and emotion are two of the most used indicators of our definition of love. But the best kind of love comes from the one who truly loves not just me but each and everyone of us unconditionally and would die for us and our own trespasses. The only one who fits that description is the one up above.

Weekend hangout: The swimming pool and sometimes the beach, the gym, movie theaters and restaurants!!!

Favorite home-cooked food: I miss my mother's pinakbet with rice and cottage cheese and her tuyo with sinigang. (I would never eat it unless she hand-feeds me, not spoon-feed me.) I also miss my dad's goulash and apple cobbler.

Favorite sports: I don't like watching sports but I love any kind of sport except basketball. I play a lot of tennis, go wake-boarding, run cross country (in Singapore) and go to the gym to do aerobics and lift weights. I used to be on the socer team, volleyball team, cross-country team, and soft ball team in high school.

Favorite childhood memory: When I was growing up, I lived next door to my cousins and my mother's extended family, so my mom built some extended rooms in the backyard between the two houses. All in all, there were about 30 of us living together. 11 of us were all cousins so you could imagine what it was like after school and at dinner time. We would all round up at about 3 pm and play games like patintero or hide-and-seek or play in the house. At other times, we would play kickball or go to the swimming pool or even just watch a movie in the living rom. On weekends, my mother used to encourage us to perform for the family every Sunday during which my dad would videotape us and we could get cash prizes. If we were really inspired, we would rehearse during weekdays. (We got most of our ideas from movies, TV and MTV!!!)

Favorite subject in school: Computers, science, and for a while, Algebra math.

Things you collect: CDs and candles.

Dream vacation: I would love to take my family on a tour of Egypt, Jerusalem, the Carribean, and all of Europe.

Greatest lesson you've learned so far: That if you seek God earnestly (by finding some quiet time to read your Bible as often as you can and reflecting upon that) and do your best to live in obedience to His will, not only will you be blessed abundantly. When you do experience trials in life, you will have peace in your heart and you will have the confidence to know that God is in control of every situation and he will get you through your hardships to emerge as a better and more mature being. (Having experienced so many trials in life and having fulfilled most of my dreams, I have come to realize that only God can truly fill your heart with sheer contentment and everlasting joy. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.) J (Some pointers for all those interested out there: reading your Bible is much more interesting if you can buy a version you can understand like the New International Version and if you have people around you that you can pose your questions to. Believe it or not, a group study is a lot of fun and is the best way to keep an interest and it builds accountability with others.)

Current showbiz projects: MTV Fresh, MTV Loaded, MTV Most Wanted, MTV Asia Hitlist, MTV Connect, Money (a local Singaporean sitcom on TCS 5), and commercial endorsements for Globe Telecom, Secret Deodorant, Greenwich Pizza, Lux Shampoo and Sharp Minidiscs (in Singapore)

Special Message to CANDY readers: I'ld like to thank the staff of Candy for featuring me here. To all the Candy readers out there, I also hope that I was able to inspire you to get high on life (not on drugs, ha?) and encoruage you to get into the Word. Life is full of surprises and things to do. Boredom is not even in my vocabulary! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know more about me and I hope I was able to inspire you a bit. All the best to you and God bless!