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An Interview with Debbie Gibson

By: Joey Guerra

ďI always feel kind of boring describing my music because I feel like Iím
always giving the same adjectives in a way. Really, itís me now. You can
tell from the single that lyrically, itís very much in keeping with what
people my age, especially women my age, kind of through. ĎWe can make this
relationship anything we want it to be. Letís just set the boundaries and go
for it.í Itís just like a new world in terms of dating. Iíve always focused
on relationship issues in my songs.Ē

ďI think my vocal performances lately have been getting a little more
passionate. You just kind of feel yourself growing up, and itís interesting
to be documenting it in your music and documenting it on tape. Itís really
going to represent basically me at 30.Ē

ďI like to blend a programmed sound with acoustic stuff. Iím a big fan of
acoustic guitar and live percussion and all that, but if you throw a current
drum loop in the mix, then youíre going to open up the music to a whole
other audience. I like the mixture.Ē

ďI feel like Iíve spent my whole career defending the fact that Iím a
scandal-free person, that I enjoy hooky, melodic music. Iíve kind of learned
that itís never going to be the music that gets that whoosh of praise and
ĎOh, this is the hottest, hippest thing.í Iím not looking to be that. Iím
looking to kind of have a steady, long career. To me, itís the pop people
that you remember, whether it be Barry Manilow from the Ď70s. You remember
those melodies, and those songs really mark very specific times in peopleís
lives. Sometimes you donít appreciate them until a decade goes by, and I
donít mind being that. I really donít. I love what I do. I think that pop
music is associated a lot of times with a lack of depth. I donít really
agree with that.Ē

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