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Something you never want to say 
to a recording artist in person :
I'm a BIG FAN of yours . .
I even downloaded all your music files 
for FREE off the internet


To be worked on soon . . .


for now here's a list of some of

The Band Room's 

W e b   S i t e s


Our name is changing to the  'Music Room' soon.

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Shadows of a man
a face through the window
crying in the night
the night turns into
morning . .it's another day
happy people pass my way
looking in their eyes
I see a memory 
I never realized
how happy you made me . . .

Shout for joy to the world, all the earth,
burst into jubilant song with music . .
Psalm 98:4

Midi song playing : " Mandy " by Barry Manilow

To see our own special made area for the Philippines Music Charts

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