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Our picture page isn't up yet. But it will in January.
So far the concept is just faces of people who live here.
Like a school year book kind of thing. My brother in laws
classmates at AUF will gladly pose for some soon. Some of
the casino dealers agreed. Couple of the counselors. The
singers at half way club. And we been asking people we met
around too. 

If you don't like the idea of a being by yourself then ask
a friend to be in the shot with you. This web site is here
to show people outside the city that there's more to Angeles
then just the clubs and bar scene. There's a nice friendly
community at large too that is way bigger than the party area.

So drop anyone a line at our e-mail address and either you 
send one down or we'll catch up to you somewhere and take 
it ourselves with a digital camera. 

I'm already making a picture page of Angeles places. Now I
want faces of everyday people. And the friendly beautiful 
people too I see everywhere.

Rowena-voice teacher
You owe me a picture.

Some of the pictures of CLARK
in this site were taken by 
Mike Ward. A former student 
of Wagner High School.

I'm looking for some shots
of the front of the schools
like HFA, HAU, CH-SHS, etc.. 



Marie Uy 
Former student WHS

Regular Internet user of Field's Cyber Cafe

Field's Cyber Cafe 
Staff Member - "Eyes"




Another shot of Myrna
One of the Internet's fab
customers. She gets fan mail