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"Focus" in the 'Manila Standard Daily Newspaper'
Isah V. Red, Entertainment Editor

Pop Star Viktoria adds another feather to her cap when she bagged 
the 'Best Female Category' award in the recent MTV Philippines 
Music Video Awards 2000 for 'Puwede Ba?'

Viktoria was up against Regine Velasquez, Lea Salonga, and Jaya.
Vik says " I didn't expect I'd win because of the competition was tough."

It was a glorious victory for the Viktoria. Her album 'Secrets', which 
paved the way for her return to the pop scene after a long hiatus, has
already spawned a string of hit songs-'Pewedw Ba,' 'Shubidu,' 'Padaplis.'

The award, according to her manager, attests that Viktoria is still the
'MTV Queen of the Philippines,' Meanwhile, Viktoria's busy shooting 
her next music video for "To Be Near You."

The song, also from the album, is a infectious ballad. It is fast becoming
a favorite among FM radio stations all over the country. "To Be Near You"
is the fourth (4th) single from 'Secrets' and is also included in the 
soundtrack of 'Felicity.'

   Way to go Vik!


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