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Still new and inventing . . .


        NEW  Mike Ward's Angeles Pictures



We haven't decided how this area could be used as yet.


We have TWO brand new COFFEE SHOPS 
now opened in BALIBAGO! And they are NICE!
I have to get pictures of them. One of them 
is two floors and all windows! Cool . .



We like to welcome the newest bar in town


F    I    E    L    D    'S        A    V    E    N    U    E



Make a wild guess what is the latest craze here again.
The whole country is going ga-ga for it

Can ya believe it's pool halls . . ?
Bata Reyes! You're responsible for this.  hehe


Half-Way Club is transferring 
to right outside Diamond Subd.
It's the best live band club 
outside Manila! Every night bands
from Manila played there as well
as guest recording artist.

The owner is the same dude who owns
'Escape Karaoke'. Where most of our
old singers we managed before sang at.


Burger king has opened 31 branches
in just 31 months in the Philippines.
But sadly, none has opened in Angeles.
Not since the one closed down on base.
We liked that one alot. The old manager

Burger King - Clark is now the manager
of a branch of
Little Caesars at the corner
of Field's and McArthur Hiway. Right in 
front Mountain View Subdivision. 

For those who haven't seen Angeles
in a while there a McDonald's right
in front of Diamond Subd. And strangely,
they have no BREAKFAST menu

Very McStrange . .



The best Jazz bars are 
'Cottage Kitchen Cafe' at Friendship
and 'Hoops' near Diamond. 
Both places the gang hangs out at.



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' HOOPS'       JAZZ BAR   and Internet Cafe . .

Diamond Service Road, Balibago, Angeles City, PAMPANGA

Midi song playing : " Dancing In The Dark "