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Some of the Internet Cafes 
We are usually found at . .  


Below Dominos Pizza here. Checkmark Branch.
Where I picked up my pizza love-affair.

( Ah, yes- I'll never forget the day I first laid my eyes on her. She was.. so perfect
She had everything. And I mean everything I always wanted in a large pizza.
Marami salami.. extra cheese . . Such fond memories
! )




The business center of Clarkton Hotel.
Smallest branch of Checkmark. But the food is tasty. 
The bar shows current movies. And I get a 19% discount off the net. 
The girls there even help with some of our magazines typing. 
(after they read it first that is)



The Kokomo bar and restaurant. Nice place!
The Internet business center is upstairs 
behind my favorite friendly bartender here. 

( You can put your hands down sweetie. I'm just 
a tour guide this time so it's not a robbery again ) 


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